"Wadlington and The Nine Muses"
"Wadlington and The Nine Muses"

"Wadlington and The Nine Muses"

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 Wadlington and The Nine Muses 2023, Originally Painted w/ Acrylic on Canvas
Original Dimensions including frame 75x105in!
After Wadlington's successful 2022 Exhibit titled "Holy Grail", he decided to rest for a short time in order to deeply contemplate his next steps. Shortly after, an Idea was conceived and set into motion. 
In 2023, Wadlington and The Nine Muses, was unveiled to the world on March 16th. The Unveiling, titled KLEIO 3:16, pays homage to the Muse of History, Kleio. The 3:16 plays on the concept of how biblical verses are structured. Yet this time it's the "birth date" of Wadlington's latest Masterpiece!
As History tells us, The 9 Muses were mythological Goddesses who ushered in inspiration to the world. Wadlington, The Bling Eye'd artist, who is heavily inspired and motivated by The Renaissance, as well as many other classical and symbolic things, made sure to incorporate this into his latest work. The rest that he received during his break, was literally portrayed in this painting. It seems as if he is dreaming himself into a world like no other to seek inspiration from these 9 Muses, as well as other things. 
If we look closer, we can see reflections of Wadlington scattered all around the gigantic canvas. Whether it be the blind eye on each of the Cherubs or the tattoo on Zeus' left hand (Father of the Muses).  Or maybe it's the One Eyed Medusa stone disk in the lower right corner. We can also see much symbolism and duality here as well. The Pyramid represents the Masculine nature of the painting. The obvious, as well as not so obvious symbols of the Feminine nature are here also.  One of which is the aqua colored sheet , representing Water/Female. The crimson sky represents fire/male.
To sum things up, this is a Modern image of Old ideas and concepts, coupled with new ideas and concepts. This painting represents The Higher and the Lower stages of all there is. It represents  Life/Death, Power/weakness, Strength/Beauty/wisdom, Creativity, Vulnerability, Light/Dark, hard work, dedication, patience, Inspiration, and many more things. All symbolic of the Duality and Journey of Wadlington.
The list goes On and ON. 
Claim your piece of HISTORY. 
You can own a piece of that story by owning a hand signed canvas print. Thank you.
  • Giclee printed on high-quality canvas
  • Hand-gallery wrapped and framed over 1.5 inch wood 
  • All materials used are original and sustainable 
  • Made in USA