"PicEsco" - THE “9” EDITIONS
"PicEsco" - THE “9” EDITIONS

"PicEsco" - THE “9” EDITIONS

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"PicEsco "- 2022- By Justin Wadlington - Originally Painted w/Acrylic on size 60x60 Canvas.

This painting "PicEsco" is a play on words symbolizing one of the most famous Painters of all time (Picasso) , and one of the greatest lyricists and musicians of all time (Nas). One of Nas' many Aliases is Esco, short for Escobar.

I try to embody the essence of duality in all of my most recent works, and with that said, you can see much of that here. The style is also inspired by great artists who have come before me. That coupled with my approach on realism, for sure makes a pretty cool outcome.

I've done several pieces based on Nas over the years. He is one of my favorite artists of all time. The more I grow as an artist, I sometimes like to revisit some of those who I admire, and see what it would look like if I painted them now. This is an example of what that looks like.

*Each Limited/Special Edition comes, signed, numbered, as well as hand embellished with paint and crystals. These are basically originals, since each one will be slightly different.

- Limited Edition -

  • 40x40 limited editions #1-#9 (contact to check available #s)
  • Certificate of authenticity.

    - Specs - 

    • Handmade-Gallery wrapped and framed over 1.5-inch wood
    • Giclee printed on high-quality canvas
    • All materials used are original Long lasting art piece
    • Made in US

    All inquires please email jwadgallery@gmail.com