"BAD"  (Black American Dream)
"BAD"  (Black American Dream)

"BAD" (Black American Dream)

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The original “B.A.D" (Black American Dream) is an Acrylic painting on canvas, by Justin Wadlington.

"BAD" was created not only to celebrate the accomplishments of one of the world's most influential musicians/ artists/ businessmen Shawn "Jay Z" Carter,  but to celebrate the stories of other  Black artists as well; including myself.  
Here we see homages to various forms of art, music, and lifestyle,  as well as many other metaphorical references.
I wanted to celebrate life with this painting.  I wanted to paint something that sends a message of perseverance,  inspiration , and imagination to anyone who loses hope in themselves or others. 
Black American Dream is a painting that shows that even someone born in the worst of conditions, can still be magical. 
These prints are for the world to be apart of that dream, and my dream as well. When you see this artwork,  Invision yourself within. 
  • Giclee printed on high-quality canvas
  • Hand-gallery wrapped and framed over 1.5 inch wood 
  • All materials used are original and sustainable 
  • Made in USA

 Original piece has been sold.