"Eye Once Was Blind" - The “16” Limited Editions

"Eye Once Was Blind" - The “16” Limited Editions

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Eye Once Was Blind is originally painted with Acrylic on Canvas, and finished in 2020. The idea came when I was looking at the tattoo on my chest which says "In the Land of the Blind, the man with one eye is the King". I wanted to do a painting symbolizing self elevation and transformation. There are so many small details and meanings within this masterpiece. This is part of the reason it took 5 months to complete! Hopefully, anyone who owns this piece, will slowly uncover them. When you see this self portrait, i want you to see yourself in my place. Life is about learning and becoming the best version of ourselves.

- Limited Edition -

  • 36x48 limited editions 16 total
  • Slightly Embellished (Acrylic Paint added by artist)
  • Hand signed and numbered
  • Optional Gold Frame (price not included) 
  • Certificate of authenticity.

    - Specs - 

    • Handmade-Gallery wrapped and framed over 1.5-inch wood
    • Giclee printed on high-quality canvas
    • All materials used are original Long lasting art piece
    • Made in US

     Original piece not yet for sale.