"4 Kobe" - The "24" Editions

"4 Kobe" - The "24" Editions

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"4 Kobe" was originally painted with Acrylic on size 40x60 inch cotton canvas in 2020-21 by The Blind Eye Artist Justin Wadlington.

This piece symbolizes many things,  including hard work, dedication, resilience, mindset, focus, and Detail.  All things that sum up the extraordinary life of Kobe Bryant, as well as the ongoing legacy of Lebron James.

At the beginning of 2020, the world lost a superhero which is Kobe Bryant. If you think about it though,  we didn't really lose him because he forever exists in our hearts and our minds. 

At the end of 2020, The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA championship, lead by Lebron James. One of the recurring themes of their historic run, was the phrase "For Kobe".

So in honor of Kobe's ascension, and Lebrons victory, as well as 4th Championship,  I titled this painting "4 Kobe".

Started in 2020, Finished in 2021. Unveiled to the world on 1-26-2021. The 1 Year Anniversary of Kobe's ascension.

If you look around, there are stories everywhere. This painting will surely be a talking piece among everyone who sees it for decades to come! 

You can own a piece of that story by owning a hand signed canvas print. Thank you.

  • Giclee printed on high-quality canvas
  • Hand-gallery wrapped and framed over 1.5 inch wood 
  • All materials used are original and sustainable 
  • Made in USA
*The 24 Limited Edition Prints will be signed, numbered,  as well as have some added embellishments with acrylic paint. It will also come with a certificate of authenticity. 
The Closest thing you'll get to the original.