“Omega Nine”
“Omega Nine”

“Omega Nine”

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"Omega Nine" was originally painted with Acrylic  on size 40x60 inch cotton canvas ,by The Blind Eye Artist, Justin Wadlington. 2021

"I turned one of my favorite pair of sneakers into a Kobe Bryant tribute that will last forever! 
But it goes even beyond that! 
If one looks closely,  they can see the symbolism within.  
The word and symbol of Omega means End and Final. It also is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. The 24th letter to be exact! (Kobe #24)
Nine represents the sneaker number in the painting.  They are the Kobe 9s. There's no coincidence that they are also called "Masterpiece".
The Nine is one of the most powerful of all numbers, and if one were to research deeply about it,  they'd find all kinds of cool things! 
Do it!  Look up the many meanings of the number 9, and this painting will be that much more appreciated. 
Much of my recent artwork is deeper than the surface.  When you own a piece of my work,  you own a part of key that might unlock a door that isn't in plain sight. 
Hopefully in time,  this will become more evident to those who can see beyond that surface."

You can own a piece of that story by owning a hand signed canvas print. Thank you.

  • Giclee printed on high-quality canvas
  • Hand-gallery wrapped and framed over 1.5 inch wood 
  • All materials used are original and sustainable 
  • Made in USA