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"SHAWN MICHEL" originally painted with Acrylic on cotton canvas, 2021, by The Blind Eye Artist Justin Wadlington.

It took a little over a month to complete my latest work of art titled "Shawn Michel" . I call it this because I believe the painting embodies the spirit of not only Shawn "Jayz" Carter,  but also Jean-Michel Basquiat as well.

I'm an artist,  yet the first time I was introduced to Basquiat was through Jay-Z's music.  The more time goes on, I can see more and more how Jay is embracing the spirit of Jean-Michel.  So it was only right to do this painting and call it Shawn Michel.

Oh, and the background isn't Pink... it's "MAUVE".

"Have a Mauve-olous Day", haha 

You can own a piece of this story by owning a hand signed canvas print. Thank you.

  • Giclee printed on high-quality canvas
  • Hand-gallery wrapped and framed over 1.5 inch wood 
  • All materials used are original and sustainable 
  • Made in USA